Skyrim NX Toolkit Versions Save

A set of scripts to convert mods from Skyrim SE to Skyrim NX


3 years ago

Removed DDSOpt and ADPDDS from the conversion process, we strictly use Texconv for resizing and setting proper formats.

-All "invalid" textures should be resolved.

-Revised rules for texture formats and added DX10 support for NvnTools.

-If a texture has mipmaps, it will regenerate them after resizing the texture.

-If a texture doesnt have mipmaps, it will not generate mipmaps for that texture.

-Better logging for XTX-Extractor.

-Updated Texconv and Texdiag to the newest versions. Requires "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2019"


3 years ago

A new conversion method has been added utilizing DDSOpt, infinite load issues have been resolved due to less RAM and VRAM being used on your Switch.

-Textures are now resized to 512 without any artifact issues.

-Rules have been added to keep actors, landscape, architecture, terrain, clothes and armor at 1K resolution.


3 years ago

Fixed missing lip files


3 years ago
  • deprecated python downloader


3 years ago
  • updated utilities download scripts to use powershell


3 years ago
  • moving to FFMpeg for sound converison
  • auto download FFMpeg
  • optimized sound error handling
  • beta of powershell conversion scripts


3 years ago

VGAudioCli can now export directly to MCADPCM VGAudioCli can now export directly to FUZ from a 48KMz WAV PCM16 -- It will automatically append a LIP file if one exists with same name as output file otherwise creates a FUZ with an empty LIP


3 years ago
  • added stability improvements to sound conversion
  • raised the default texture size to 1k
  • added and extra conversion step for BC4U textures


3 years ago

Reverse engineered OPUS files on NX SSE. Voices now use OPUS CODEC by default. Expect a 1/3 reduction on voices BSA file size. New [Sounds] settings group to override default CODEC for FX, VOICE and MUSIC. Got rid of soundfile Python dependency. Fixed DSP files big-endian to little-endian swap. Added required WORD padding to FUZ files. Refactored and fully commented sound conversion script


3 years ago
  • added a step that removes 'EditorMarker' nodes from any nif files
  • Quick fix to reverse back to soundfile if in the end an DSP cannot be created.