Open Source Projects

Typora Latex Theme

将Typora伪装成LaTeX的中文样式主题,本科生轻量级课程论文撰写的好帮手。This is a theme disguising Typora into Chinese LaTeX style.


An esoteric visual language that takes image files as input based on a multi-tape turing machine, designed for compatibility with C.

Compute Shader 101

Sample code for compute shader 101 training



Workshop Graphql Netflix

Workshop to illustrate how to use GraphQL

Dprint Node

A node API for the dprint TypeScript and JavaScript code formatter

Sorting Visualizer

Sorting Algorithms Visualizer


ESCAPE Summer School 2021

V2ray Free

Fuck gfw,免费翻墙,每天更新

Modern Cpp Tricks

Modern CPP Tricks often useful in Coding Interviews and Competitive Programming

CVE 2021 21985

CVE-2021-21985 VMware vCenter Server远程代码执行漏洞 EXP (更新可回显EXP)

OSINT Brazuca

Repositório criado com intuito de reunir informações, fontes(websites/portais) e tricks de OSINT dentro do contexto Brasil.

Cargo Memex

compile rust code into memes

The OldOS Project

Recreating a fully functional version of iOS 4 in SwiftUI.