Best 9.08K Java Open Source Projects

Java is a widely used, free and open source computer programming language that has been popularized by many programmers and companies. Java is an object-oriented and class based programming language meaning it follows the Object Oriented Paradigm or OOP which makes use of classes to store data about objects in the form of their attributes and methods. The syntax for java is similar to that used in all C-based languages. Java is a compiled programming language and the programs in java are normally saved as .java files which can later be compiled into executable binaries by using a compiler like javac (supplied with the standard java development kit or JDK).

The major benefit of observing OOP conventions when coding in Java is that it makes the programming process easier as the language has been standardized and provides a lot of features which would otherwise have to be written from scratch. One example is that java automatically implements data abstraction, modularity, encapsulation and inheritance in a way all developers can understand. These benefits make java a popular choice for programmers who want to code in a simple, clean and reliable programming language.

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