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a-brief-history-of-free-dos Jul 23, 2021

A Brief History of FreeDOS

The original DOS is very old, dating from the early 1980s.. DOS was updated many times over the decades, with MS-DOS 5.0 (1991) being very different from earlier versions. Early Versions of Windows had Problems By the mid-1990s, DOS was on its way out. Windows had arrived, and people knew that a ...

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the-benefits-of-using-marketing-automation Jul 15, 2021

The Benefits of Using Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation has substantial benefits for businesses of all sizes. Marketing automation is available in various levels of complexity to suit the size of the business. What is Marketing Automation? This is a technology that takes control of marketing processes, using multiple channels auto...

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what-is-home-assistant Jul 9, 2021

What is Home Assistant?

Home Assistant is a remarkable tool that converts your home into a Smart Home, by connecting itself up to any smart appliances it finds in your home and issuing orders to those devices. Whilst Echo and Google Home Hub toyed with the public by promising to be an automation hub, but never fully del...

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why-choose-an-open-source-lms Jul 3, 2021

Why Choose an Open Source LMS?

A Learning Management System or LMS is an application that is used to provide the administration and delivery of educational courses. It is often used by companies that want to develop, manage and deliver courses to employees. Why Do People Choose Open Source LMS? 1. They can be customized with y...

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what-is-machine-learning-and-why-is-it-important Jun 25, 2021

What is Machine Learning and Why is it Important?

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (commonly called AI). It allows computers to imitate the way that humans learn, by the utilization of algorithms and data. Machine learning algorithms are taught to seek out patterns and associations. in large data sets. Decisions are made u...

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