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benefits-of-using-open-source-software-in-government Mar 26, 2022

9 Benefits of Using Open Source Software in Government

The use of open-source software has increased in recent years, with some governments - such as the United Kingdom - looking to use it extensively. It is a way for communities to work together on projects that are not just theirs but also benefit their citizens and the overall community. This arti...

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a-brief-history-of-django Mar 12, 2022

A Brief History of Django

Unlike in the past when software developers relied on plain programming languages in creating software, there are many frameworks based on functionality, platforms, and programming languages today. The application development process is nowadays easier and faster with the help of these frameworks...

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a-brief-history-of-spring-spring-boot Feb 10, 2022

A Brief History of Spring & Spring Boot

Spring framework was Rod Johnson’s idea that he developed in 2002. Together with Yann Caroff and Juergen Hoeller, Johnson developed Spring as an open-source framework in June 2003 under the Apache 2.0 license. The first production release was later released on 24th March 2004. Since then, t...

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why-your-business-should-adopt-open-source-software-in-2022 Jan 4, 2022

Why Your Business Should Adopt Open Source Software In 2022

You may know about open source software and how it is free to access. Open source software lets you use and change its source code for any purpose. The fact that open source software is free to use is a positive, but there are many other great reasons your business should explore using open sourc...

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the-history-of-programming-languages Dec 9, 2021

History of Programming Languages

Programming languages are undoubtedly the fundamental unit of today’s technology-oriented era. Programming language simply refers to a code of commands and instructions given to computer devices to perform a series of desired tasks. But just like computing devices, programming languages con...

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