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a-brief-history-of-laravel Nov 1, 2021

A Brief History of Laravel

Laravel is a web framework intended for building custom web applications using PHP. It incorporates many useful tools in its architecture and has well-organized syntaxes. This framework, similar to others such as Codeigniter and Ruby on rails, enables developers to save the time and effort that w...

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Screenshot 2021-10-16 at 22.57.44 Oct 16, 2021

A Brief History of Go

Three engineers from Google, Rob Pike, Ken Thompson, and Robert Griesemer, developed Golang. The three grew weary of the complexity of C++ and the lack of a simple language that can offer efficient execution and compilation. In September 2007, the three started designing a new language, and after...

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what-is-open-source-hardware Oct 8, 2021

What is open source hardware?

Technically and academically, many developers use either an OSS or an OSH. An OSS or open-source software encourages the licensed individual or group to inspect, change, and disperse publically available code. However, an OSH or open source hardware focus on the design specifi...

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whats-new-in-ubuntu-21-10 Sep 26, 2021

What's new in Ubuntu 21.10

Ubuntu 21.10 version will come out on October 14th, 2021. Named after lemur, this version is also called "Impish Indri" and has a 9-month support period for bug fixing, security patches and new app releases. The Ubuntu 21.10 Beta is already available now, and September 30th is scheduled to be the...

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what-is-an-api Sep 26, 2021

What is an API?

The world of web programming is very broad, and each specialist looks for the best practices in this area to obtain a good final result. Within this range of possibilities, we can find the APIs, which are fundamental protocols for the operation of current applications and websites. An A...

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