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A toolkit for developing and comparing AI-bots of imperfect information and imcomplete information games.

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This project is stoped since there are better projects:


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RoomAI is a toolkit for developing AI-bots of KuhnPoker, Texas Holdem and Bang!.

Install and Get Started

You can install roomai with pip

pip install roomai

try your first AI-bot

from import *;
import roomai.common

class KuhnPokerExamplePlayer(
    def receive_info(self, info):
        if info.person_state_history[-1].available_actions is not None:
            self.available_actions = info.person_state_history[-1].available_actions

    def take_action(self):
        values = self.available_actions.values()
        return list(values)[int(random.random() * len(values))]

    def reset(self):

if __name__ == "__main__":
        players = [KuhnPokerExamplePlayer() for i in range(2)] + []
        # RandomChancePlayer is the chance player with the uniform distribution over every output
        env =
        scores = env.compete_silent(env, players)

For More Information


If you would like to contribute to the project, please send me (lili1987mail at an email. We are always happy for more help.

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