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ReactConf 17 Videos

From Facebook's ReactConf 17 in Santa Clara, California on March 13th and 14th, 2017

Full first day (Monday 03/13/17)

Full second day (Tuesday 03/14/17)

Day 1


  1. Introduction (6m)
    by Tom Occhino [twitter, github]
  2. Incrementally Adopting React Native at Facebook (19m)
    by Jing Chen [twitter, github]
  3. React Performance End to End (React Fiber) (14m)
    by Sebastian Markbåge [twitter, github]
  4. React Fiber, Create React App, and React Community (6m)
    by Tom Occhino [twitter, github]

Main Topics

  1. A Cartoon Intro to Fiber (32m)
    by Lin Clark [twitter, github]

  2. Next.js: Universal React Made Easy and Simple (35m)
    by Guillermo Rauch [twitter, github]

  3. React + = ♥ (36m)
    by Ben Ilegbodu [twitter, github]

  4. MobX vs Redux: Comparing the Opposing Paradigms (25m)
    by Preethi Kasireddy [twitter, github]

  5. Type Systems Will Make You a Better JavaScript Developer (22m)
    by Jared Forsyth [twitter, github]

  6. React Native in the "Brown Field" (28m)
    by Leland Richardson [twitter, github]

  7. Moving Beyond Animations to User Interactions at 60fps in React Native (27m)
    by Tal Kol [twitter, github]

Lightning Talks

  1. Moving Fast with Nuclide and Flow (6m)
    by Andres Suarez [twitter, github]

  2. AWS Lambda + AWS Gateway + React = AWEsome (6m)
    by Sophia Shoemaker [twitter, github]

  3. React to Code (5m)
    by Merrick Christensen [twitter, github]

  4. The Road to Styled Components (4m)
    by Max Stoiber [twitter, github]

  5. Building Applications for a Studio in the Cloud at Netflix (4m)
    by Feather Knee [twitter]

  6. You Don't Need A Fancy Framework to Use GraphQL with React (6m)
    by Samer Buna [twitter, github]

  7. Cross-Platform Data Visualization with React and React Native (6m)
    by Peggy Rayzis [twitter, github]

  8. Using React for Anything but Websites (6m)
    by Ken Wheeler [twitter, github]

  9. React Everything, Render Everywhere (5m)
    by Dustan Kasten [twitter, github]

  10. Create React Native App: 5 Minutes to "Hello, World!" (6m)
    by Adam Perry [twitter, github]

Day 2

Main Topics

  1. Goodbye Flatland! An Introduction to ReactVR and What It Means for Web Developers (25m)
    by Michaela Lehr [twitter, github]

  2. Realtime React Apps with GraphQL (24m)
    by Robert Zhu [twitter, github]

  3. Jest Snapshots and Beyond (27m)
    by Rogelio Guzman [twitter, github]

  4. A Beginner's Guide to Code Splitting Your React App (24m)
    by Neehar Venugopal [twitter, github]

  5. Web-Like Development and Release Agility for React Native (36m)
    by Parashuram N [twitter, github]

  6. React-Storybook: Design, Develop, Document, and Debug Your React UI Components (24m)
    by Marie-Laure Thuret [twitter, github]

  7. Extensible React (19m)
    by Cameron Westland [twitter, github]

  8. Taming the Meta-Language (37m)
    by Cheng Lou [twitter, github]

Lightning Talks

  1. Building React Communities Outside of Your Circle (3m)
    by Troy Connor [twitter, github]

  2. A Prettier Printer (8m)
    by James Long [twitter, github]

  3. How to React in the Slow Lane (6m)
    by Nicole Chung [twitter, github]

  4. The Great Convergence with React (5m)
    by Aditya Punjani [twitter, github]

  5. Learn Once, Route Anywhere (14m)
    by Michael Jackson [twitter, github] and Ryan Florence [twitter, github]

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