Best 2.96K React Native Open Source Projects

React Native is a UI software framework used in the development of applications by making use of the React framework. The React framework is an open-source JavaScript library that is used for building UI software that can be used in these applications. Both of these frameworks were created by and are maintained by Facebook, which allows public use of both.

React Native is a good option for anybody wishing to develop their own native apps, as React uses an easy and familiar coding style in the form of JavaScript, and wraps existing native code, and interacts with native API systems. React Native also allows you to write native code in other coding languages in case you are used to another coding style, making React Native incredibly versatile if you want to get started coding your own apps with it.

The developers of React Native are always updating it as well, so chances are that this framework will continue to expand and become even more versatile as time goes on, and with its ability to write code for almost any platform, it is a good pick for anyone looking to work in native app development

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