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A Cross Platform C# Library That Adds Support For Aseprite Files in MonoGame Projects.

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A Cross Platform C# Library That Adds Support For Aseprite Files in MonoGame Projects.

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Monogame.Aseprite is a free and open source library for the MonoGame Framework that assists in importing Aseprite files into your game project. No need to export a spritesheet from Aseprite and have to deal with a PNG + JSON import. With MonoGame.Aseprite, you can use the Aseprite file directly.


  • MonoGame.Aseprite internally uses AsepriteDotNet to read and parse the aseprite files. This means you get all the features of AsepriteDotNet including
    • Supports Aseprite files using RGBA, Grayscale, and Indexed color modes.
    • Supports all Aseprite layer blend modes.
    • Supports Aseprite tilesets, tilemap layers, and tilemap cels.
  • Provides processors to convert the Aseprite data into common formats including:
    • Sprite
    • SpriteSheet
    • TextureAtlas
    • Tileset
    • Tilemap
    • AnimatedTilemap


Install via NuGet

dotnet add package MonoGame.Aseprite --version 6.0.4


Please refer to the Examples directory for samples of how to use this library. Each example is thoroughly commented with information to show you how to load the Aseprite file and use it within Monogame.

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MonoGame.Aseprite is licensed under the MIT License. Please refer to the LICENSE file for full license text.


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