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A tilemap editor that aims to be simple, fast and lightweight.

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A tilemap editor that aims to be simple, fast and lightweight.



  • Easy to learn and easy to use
  • Workflow optimized for common actions
  • Well documented and high-quality source code
  • Lightweight feel and scalable performance
  • Cross-platform: works on Windows, macOS, and Linux


  • Extensive and intuitive undo/redo support
  • Various layer types
    • Tile layers
    • Object layers
    • Group layers
  • Supports an intuitive and human-readable YAML map format
  • Read and write support for the JSON and XML map formats used by Tiled
  • Export maps as Godot scenes (see
  • Intuitive mouse tools
    • Tile stamp tool
    • Eraser tool
    • Bucket fill tool
    • Rectangle tool
    • Ellipse tool
    • Point tool
  • Components (attachable bundles of attributes, as commonly found in game engines)
  • Properties that can be attached to almost anything: maps, layers, objects, tiles, etc.
    • Vector properties, with support for 2D/3D/4D vectors of both integers and floats
  • Tile animations
  • Tile compression support, using Base64 encoding with either Zlib or Zstd
  • Helpful error messages when things go wrong, e.g. when parsing corrupted maps
  • Language support for American English, British English, and Swedish
  • Various editor themes, both dark and light
  • Easy to install (and uninstall) using the installers bundled along releases


More documentation can be found in the docs directory.

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