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A little React (next.js) app that displays all your ▲ZEIT now deployments easily, thereby making it easier to remember a single URL to then access all your now deployments.

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Deprecation Notice

This project was built for Now 1 which is soon to be deprecated. ZEIT now provides a powerful dashboard at https://zeit.co that does plenty more than just listing your deployments

▲ZEIT deployments

A little webserver and frontend to list all your ▲ZEIT now deployments easily.

I've personally deployed a single instance of this app using now (haha) and I just use the URL for this deployment to easily go to all my other deployments.

The biggest use case (and the motivation behind this) is when I need to share a file with myself and access it on a public/different computer, I can just now deploy it from my laptop, and then open an incognito tab on a public PC and go to my now deployments URL :)

I've also abstracted this out so you can use it for yourself by simply setting an environment variable :)


Click this button :)

On the page that opens, follow the link to create a new ZEIT API TOKEN and paste that on both fields ZEIT API TOKEN AND NOW_API_KEY

Deploy to now

Note: This project uses your API TOKEN to receive the list of all deployments from ▲ZEIT. That's what makes this so easy :)

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