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A simple and easy to use trainer to generate Rasa/Snips NLU datasets

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A simple and easy to use trainer to generate Rasa NLU and Snips NLU needed files.

Inspired by Chatito and Rasa NLU Trainer.

Want to create your own personal assistant? Check my other project pytlas!


How does that work?

An agent represents a project (bot, assistant, whatever).

A skill represents what your agent can do. To define its capabilities, you must create intents within a skill to keep it logically organized (or you can put all your intents in one skill if you wish).

An intent is made of slots and samples. Slots defines what could be extracted from your samples. A slot could be of a particular entity type. This way, you can easily shared common stuff such as locations, enums or so.

Once you have define some skills, you can attached them to your agent and click the Train button to export the resulting dataset.

Data are persisted via LocalStorage as of now.


Run npm install to install packages and npm start to start the webpack dev server.

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