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Yet another Linux distribution for voice-enabled IoT and embrace Web standards

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YodaOS is Yet another Linux Distribution for voice-enabled IoT and embrace Web standards, thus it uses JavaScript as the main application/scripting language.

Get Started

To start with YodaOS, a Linux or MacOS is required to build the image.

For Ubuntu:

$ apt-get install build-essential subversion libncurses5-dev zlib1g-dev gawk gcc-multilib flex git-core gettext libssl-dev unzip texinfo device-tree-compiler dosfstools libusb-1.0-0-dev

For MacOS, you need to install some GNU tools which the openwrt is required:

$ brew install gnu-tar gnu-getopt findutils m4

Linux source tree requires a case-sensitive file system, make sure your workspace is APFS (case-sensitive) before you start.

The openwrt check gnu-getopt version via the gnugetopt command name, so the following link is also required:

$ ln -sf $(brew list gnu-getopt | grep bin) /usr/local/bin/gnugetopt

Download Source

$ git clone [email protected]:yodaos-project/yodaos.git


$ ./configure -p rpi -c rpi3b_plus
$ make -C openwrt # build under the openwrt directory

The configure command is to select which board that you were to build:

board product
Raspberry 3b plus raspberry
Kamino18 kamino18

Go compile & run for more details.



YodaOS is a community-driven project that we accepts any improved proposals, pull requests and issues.

  • For JavaScript development, go [yodart][] for details.
  • For proposal, yodaos-project/evolution is the place where someone can submit pull request to propose something.



Apache 2.0

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