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The source code demos for the yFiles for HTML diagramming library

Project README

yFiles for HTML Demo Sources

This repository contains source code demos that use the commercial yFiles for HTML software programming library for the visualization of graphs, diagrams, and networks. The library itself is not part of this repository.

yFiles for HTML Demos

Running the Demos

Most of the demos are hosted online here for everyone to play with. Developers need to evaluate the library, instead, since it is not part of this repository. The evaluation version also contains these demos and the necessary library to execute the code, so cloning this repository is neither necessary nor will it suffice.


Use of the software hosted in this repository is subject to the license terms of the corresponding yFiles for HTML license. Owners of a valid software license for a yFiles for HTML version that these demos are shipped with are allowed to use the demo source code as basis for their own yFiles for HTML powered applications. Use of such programs is governed by the rights and conditions as set out in the yFiles for HTML license agreement. More details here. If in doubt, feel free to contact the yFiles for HTML support team.

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