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Yellow Lab Tools

Analyzes a webpage and detects performance or front-end code quality issues. Free, easy to launch, easy to understand, in-depth details.

No website should go live without being tested with Yellow Lab Tools

The online tool (recommended):
The Docker image - ousamabenyounes/docker-yellowlabtools
Your own private instance of Yellow Lab Tools, on your computer.
The CLI (Command Line Interface) - Doc here
The NodeJS package - Doc here
The public API - Doc here
Allows you to launch runs from any language

How it works

The tool loads the given URL and collects various metrics and statistics with the help of Phantomas. These metrics are then categorized and transformed into scores. It also gives in-depth details so developpers can fix the detected issues.

By the way, it's free because I am a geek, not businessmen. In return, you can add a ★ on GitHub, it will boost my motivation to add more awesome features!!!

example dashboard screenshot

Install your own private instance

If your project is not accessible from outside or if you want to test your localhost, you might want to run your own instance of Yellow Lab Tools.

The classical way is to clone the YLT server's GitHub repository and run it on Linux or MacOS. The documentation is here.

The new recommended solution is to run Yellow Lab Tools inside a Docker virtual machine. My friend Ousama Ben Younes maintains this ready-to-use Docker image based on Alpine).


Gaël Métais. I'm a webperf freelance. Follow me on Twitter @gaelmetais, I tweet about Web Performances, Front-end and new versions of Yellow Lab Tools!

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I can also help your company about Web Performances, visit my website.


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