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A simple, handy network addressing multitool with plenty of features

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a simple, handy network addressing multitool with plenty of features



  • Show all network interfaces
  • Show all active network interfaces
  • Show the driver used of each active network interface
  • Show the gateway of each online interface
  • Show the addresses of each active network interface with or without CIDR notation
    • IPv4
    • IPv6 (if possible)
    • MAC
  • Show the vendor name of MAC address/es (needs internet connection)
  • Show the public/external IP/s
    • of current user
    • of website/s or domain/s
  • Show active hosts on current network with or without MAC address
  • Show all valid addresses (IPv4, IPv6, MAC) extracted
    • from file or multiple files at once
    • from website or multiple websites at once
  • Show the route to a network host using three most common tools. ship checks which are installed and decides to run the fastest one for each case scenario
    • IPv4
    • IPv6 (if possible)
  • Show the broadcast and network address, cisco wildcard mask, class and host range by giving the IP address and CIDR or netmask
    • IPv4
    • optionally suppress the bitwise output
    • display results as HTML
    • split into networks of size n1, n2, n3 :construction:
    • deaggregate address range :construction:
  • Show a list of common ports with description, private and reserved IPv4 and IPv6 addresses with or without CIDR notation
  • Configuration FLAGS to change behavior, color theme and verbosity
    • COLOR: choose a color theme from 1 to 4
    • SILENT: choose 1 to skip checking, warning and error messages (not critical, useful on scripting)
    • NOCHECK: choose 1 to skip validation and checking functions (faster, expects well-formatted inputs)
    • DEBUG: choose 1 to enter debugging mode a.k.a. trace mode
  • Multiple flags can also be used
    • e.g. COLOR=3 SILENT=1 NOCHECK=1 bash ship.sh -h
  • Compatible with almost any linux distribution
  • Drag and drop URLs or file paths on console window
  • Cleaning temp files and handling remaining tasks on exit
  • Exiting on long running tasks needs confirmation


Read the Guide :mortar_board:


ship uses some of the tools included in coreutils and shell builtins


:wrench: Package
awk awk | gawk
grep grep
ip iproute2
ping iputils | iputils-ping
sed sed
ss iproute2
wget wget

Mandatory Choice

One of the following tools must be installed. If more than one is installed ship will use the fastest one

:wrench: Package
mtr mtr
tracepath iputils
traceroute traceroute

Compatibility (tested)

:penguin: Version
Arch 4.7.5-1 - 4.16.13-2
Black Arch 2017.12.11
CentOS 7
Debian 7 - 8
Kali 2016.2
Ubuntu 14.04.3 - 16.04.1

Getting Started

$ git clone --branch=master --depth 1 https://github.com/xtonousou/ship.git
$ cd /path/to/ship
$ bash ship

Arch Linux

$ yaourt -S ship
$ ship


Pull requests, issues, suggestions, testing and feedback are all welcome :octocat:

Please read this article first, about code of conduct

  • Fork the repo
  • Create a new branch
    • $ git checkout -b my-new-feature
  • Make the appropriate changes in the files
  • Add changes to reflect the changes made
  • Commit your changes
    • $ git commit -am 'Added some feature'
  • Push to the branch
    • $ git push origin my-new-feature
  • Create a Pull Request on dev


Read the Changelog file to review changes :scroll:

About ship


Copyleft (ↄ) 2017 by Sotirios M. Roussis. Some rights reserved

ship is under the terms of the GPLv3+ License, following all clarifications stated in the license file

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