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I've had to recover my database, thumbnails, and source configuration enough times that I just wanted a quick easy way to back them up. That is what this addon is meant to do.

Running the Program

Running the program will allow you to select Backup or Restore as a running mode. Selecting Backup will push files to your remote store using the addon settings you defined. Selecting Restore will give you a list of restore points currently in your remote destination. Selecting one will pull the files matching your selection criteria from the restore point to your local Kodi folders.

For more specific information please check out the wiki on Github for this project. Advanced descriptions for the following are all there:


Icon files from Open Iconic — www.useiconic.com/open


If you're having issues with this addon there are two main places to look. The first is the addon thread on the Kodi Forums. This is where you can ask general questions regarding functionality. If you're having a legitimate issue, such as an error message, you can create an Issue for it in this repository.

Pull Requests are welcome if you want to dig around in the code to fix issues or add functionality. Please submit them using the usual workflow. Additionally you can help keep languages files up to date by visiting the Weblate page for this addon and updating untranslated strings. Changes to Weblate will automatically create PRs to this repository. This is a great way to contribute if you're not a coder!

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