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Movies is a Xamarin.Forms GTK backend application that makes use of The Movie Database (TMDb) API, a popular, user editable database for movies and TV shows, to demonstrate the possibilities of the new backend making use of a great variety of functionality.


Xamarin.Forms App

Xamarin.Forms allows you to build native UIs for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux from a single, shared codebase. You can dive into mobile development with Xamarin.Forms by following our free self-guided learning from Xamarin University. This project exercises the following patterns and features:




<img src="images/discover-droid.png" alt="Home" Width="210" /> <img src="images/menu-droid.png" alt="Menu" Width="210" /> <img src="images/movie-detail-droid.png" alt="Detail" Width="210" /> <img src="images/upcoming-droid.png" alt="Upcoming" Width="210" /> <img src="images/movies-droid.png" alt="Movies" Width="210" />


<img src="images/discover-iOS.png" alt="Home" Width="210" /> <img src="images/menu-iOS.png" alt="Menu" Width="210" /> <img src="images/movie-detail-iOS.png" alt="Detail" Width="210" /> <img src="images/upcoming-iOS.png" alt="Upcoming" Width="210" /> <img src="images/movies-iOS.png" alt="Movies" Width="210" />


<img src="images/discover-linux.png" alt="Home on Linux (Ubuntu)" Width="210" /> <img src="images/menu-linux.png" alt="Menu on Linux (Ubuntu)" Width="210" /> <img src="images/movie-detail-linux.png" alt="Detail on Linux (Ubuntu)" Width="210" /> <img src="images/casting01-linux.png" alt="Casting on Linux (Ubuntu)" Width="210" /> <img src="images/casting02-linux.png" alt="Casting on Linux (Ubuntu)" Width="210" /> <img src="images/upcoming-linux.png" alt="Upcoming on Linux (Ubuntu)" Width="210" /> <img src="images/movies-linux.png" alt="Movies on Linux (Ubuntu)" Width="210" /> <img src="images/shows-linux.png" alt="Shows on Linux (Ubuntu)" Width="210" />


<img src="images/discover-uwp.png" alt="Home" Width="210" /> <img src="images/menu-uwp.png" alt="Menu" Width="210" /> <img src="images/movie-detail-uwp.png" alt="Detail" Width="210" /> <img src="images/upcoming-uwp.png" alt="Upcoming" Width="210" /> <img src="images/movies-uwp.png" alt="Movies" Width="210" /> <img src="images/shows-uwp.png" alt="Shows" Width="210" />

Windows (Gtk Backend - Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10)

<img src="images/movies.png" alt="Home" Width="210" /> <img src="images/menu.png" alt="Menu" Width="210" /> <img src="images/discover.png" alt="Discover" Width="210" /> <img src="images/movie-detail.png" alt="Detail" Width="210" /> <img src="images/homepage.png" alt="WebView" Width="210" /> <img src="images/casting01.png" alt="Casting" Width="210" /> <img src="images/casting02.png" alt="Casting" Width="210" /> <img src="images/gallery.png" alt="Gallery" Width="210" /> <img src="images/upcoming.png" alt="Upcoming" Width="210" /> <img src="images/movies-list.png" alt="Movies" Width="210" /> <img src="images/shows.png" alt="Shows" Width="210" /> <img src="images/loading.png" alt="Loading" Width="210" />


  • Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 (14.0 or higher) to compile C# 6 language features (or Visual Studio MacOS)
  • Xamarin add-ons for Visual Studio or higher (available via the Visual Studio installer)
  • Visual Studio Community Edition is fully supported!
  • The Movie DB Api Key


Download or clone the repository. This is a solution with two projects.

Rebuild the solution to get all neccesary NuGet packages.

Access to AppSettings.cs file available in the .NET Standard Library to introduce your TMDb APIs key.



This project uses some third-party assets with a license that requires attribution:

  • Flat-Plat: A Material Design-like theme for GNOME/GTK+ based desktop environments.

Clean and Rebuild

If you see build issues when pulling updates from the repo, try cleaning and rebuilding the solution.

Code released under the MIT license.

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