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create aliases for Linux commands in Windows command line (for WSL)


3 years ago
  • support for custom mounting root path (get it from /etc/wsl.conf)
  • replace Windows-style paths in command arguments (like C:\Users) to WSL paths (/mnt/c/Users)
  • return exit code of executed command

(thanks to hustlahusky for above features)

  • fixed a cmd.exe error message when installing
  • added messages related to updating wsl-alias in installer script


4 years ago

the wrong version was being downloaded lol


4 years ago

that regex created the default alias, so this bug made wsl-alias unusable if you had installed v2.0 or v2.1, remove all aliases and reinstall wsl-alias using the script


4 years ago

fixed passing path to wsl, syntax in alias template


4 years ago


  • feature: support for relative paths within commands, e.g. if you typed b nano ..\file.txt (or used TAB to autocomplete the command) in Windows command line or PowerShell, the backward slashes \ will automatically be converted to forward slashes / to reference the same file under wsl
  • moved aliases outside of the wsl directory (new location is %userprofiles%\wsl-alias), this is to avoid the following issue: Microsoft/WSL#3487
  • removed the privileged userl; wsl-alias now (optionally) adds the default wsl user permission to mount a drive without requiring a password, this also results in /mnt directory requiring 777 permissions (which is also set by the installer)
  • rewritten parts of the code; much nicer with better understandable variable names
  • changed the install path to ~/.wsl-alias

a note about wslpath: i was planning to implement it into this release to convert the current working directory from windows into the wsl path but came across this issue: Microsoft/WSL#3246 since i'm using a veracrypt container most of the time, this solution wouldn't be suitable for me (and a lot of other people) so that's why i'll wait for wslpath to be fixed

Upgrading from v1

  1. Backup your aliases from ~/.wsl/bin/win
  2. Delete the old version: rm -r ~/.wsl and remove the old alias directory from the Windows environment var PATH
  3. Install the new release, instructions in README
  4. Recreate your old aliases (if you just move your old aliases into the new directory, they won't work)


4 years ago
  • fixed a bug that caused removable devices to be mounted as root, they now get mounted by the default wsl user
  • added a gitattributes file that fixes wrong newlines in batch file


5 years ago

it happens to everyone


5 years ago

we're finally in v1! easyWSLbash is now known as wsl-alias. Fall Creators Update is now out and wsl-alias can now be used by any Windows 10 user.

this release introduces a major new feature: aliases

upgrading from v0.1: back up your script and reinstall wsl-alias. note: check the documentation because some changes aren't backwards compatible!


5 years ago

fully working, tested on builds 16299 and 16215