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Basic Nginx + WordPress setup

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Basic Nginx + WordPress setup

It is compiled from our production setup. It is not suitable for Copy&Paste to production use without edits.

Main features

  • extended configuration via "features includes"
  • PHP5/PHP7 support
  • SSL confing based on "Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator" recommendations
  • Let's Encrypt enabled (OCSP Stapling included)
  • clientside static resources caching and serverside open files descriptors caching
  • gzip compression
  • CloudFlare support
  • optional GeoIP blocking
  • optional Nginx Microcache settings
  • optional basic HTTP auth
  • Basic & WordPress Security
    • prevent HTTP Poxy
    • prevent Slow Loris (optional)
    • blocking common hacking tools and uncommon HTTP methods
    • usernames harvesting denial
    • blocking access to files with sensitive informaion and VCS systems
    • blocking PHP in uploads directory
    • blocking empty referres into comments, login and ajax
    • blocking suspicious queries (based on iThemes Security blacklist)
    • adding basic security headers

Extra configs

Look at extras folder

  • mu-plugins - small mu-plugin for WordPress
    • Enhancer
    • enable bcryp hashes for user passwords
    • filter out sensitive user info from rest API
    • change status code of failed logins to 401
    • Mail Fixer
    • fix Return-Path header
    • set SMTP server
    • Team Cookie
    • allow to exclude web related users from analytics via special cookie
    • MO Cache
    • simple file system cache for gettext translations
  • fail2ban rules - block many 404, block failed logins
  • log rotate - log rotate rule for nginx logs
  • php-fpm - basic PHP-FPM pool with open-basedir and disable_functions
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