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A tool that helps you write code in your favorite IDE: your word processor!

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Have you ever wondered: How would it feel like to write code in a word processor? Me neither. But after monthsminutes of planning, I present to you (drum rolls)... WordIDE!

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Write your code in any word processor, and WordIDE will convert it to plain text, so that your dumb compiler understands it. It's as simple as

$ wide compile test.odt


  • Color your code manually
  • Use any fonts
  • Use any text size
  • Use any word processor


  • None

Note that this was a weekend project, so the code is... less than perfect. Still, it does the job. I plan on making it better in the future, and if you feel like fixing it yourself, submit a pull request!


Just make sure you have a Go compiler installed, then run make. If you don't have make installed, you can also do it with go build, but make sure to supply another output binary with -o binary, because the default one conflicts with the package name wordide.

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