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Office Online Server Wopi Host implement, No need Cobalt. Support DOCX, XLSX, PPTX online editing.

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This repository contains a Wopi Host demo. work with Office Online Server 2016(OOS). Support DOCX Editing, and also PPTX,XLSX. Welcome any contribution, and discussion of supporting coauthoring


Requires Office Online 2016 Server(preview). No need Microsoft.CobaltCore.dll assembly.

Known Issues

Doesn't support coauthoring.

Usage & Examples

Deploy OOS

Deploy Guideline
Set editing enabled: Set-OfficeWebAppsFarm -EditingEnabled:$true

Prepare Wopi Host

1.Set real local docs path as code below in WopiCobalthost\program.cs

// docsPath parameter may change to the real local path that save demo documents(word or excel file)
CobaltServer svr = new CobaltServer(@"D:\\wopi-docs");

2.Set real hostname or domain as code below in WopiCobaltHost\CobaltServer.cs

// localhost may change to the real hostname or IP
m_listener.Prefixes.Add(String.Format("http://localhost:{0}/wopi/", m_port));

You can use FQDN as hostname for remote access.
If you have no FQDN, you can use localhost and use ngrok as proxy:ngrok.exe http -host-header=localhost 8080

3.Build and start this wopihost program
Assume the demo doc file name is word.docx
Now you can access http://[wopi.hostname]/wopi/files/word.docx, and get the CheckFileInfo response

Open OOS website

1.URLEncode wopihost address to:http%3a%2f%2fwopi.hostname%2fwopi%2ffiles%2fword.docx
2.Use URL below to open OOS editing web page
For word.docx:
For ppt.pptx:
For Book1.xlsx

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