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Maxims distilled from awesome quotes. (WIP)

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Wisdom TLDR

Maxims distilled from quotes that match my biased experience.
«Distillation» is far from ready, so expect inconsistencies, inaccuracies and omissions.


Chapter I - Self

On foundations

On growth

On your worst enemy: yourself

Chapter II - Groups

On cooperation

On competition

On teams

Chapter III - Action

On preparation

On executing

On ending


On time

On envy triggers




"Fuck, don’t give a fuck and don’t be fucked over." -- Unknown

Eight general advices:

"Life is a balancing act."
-- Unknown

"The root of our problems is our inability to let go."
-- Leo Babauta

"Avoiding relevant conflict will not keep peace, will rot it."
-- E. Ferreira

"All self-help boils down to «choose long-term over short-term»."
-- Naval Ravikant

"If more information was the answer we’d all be billionaires with six packs."
-- Derek Sivers

"The empire long divided, must unite; long united, must divide."
-- Unknown

"After me will come the one who will prove that I wasn’t that bad."
-- Unknown

"A prophet has no honour in his own country."
-- Bible (John 4: 44)

Two practical advices:

  • Have more than one child.
  • Moving in a direction opposite to what we are doing right now where we are not successful often guarantee success.

One last advice for introverts:

  • Aim at relying on your network and not at being self-sufficient.

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