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Wifi manager for ESP8266 with customizable web UI.


2 years ago
  • Bring back OTA update function (Thank to DerTomm)


3 years ago
  • Temporarily disable OTA update function due incompatible with newest ESP8266 core(v2.6.x)
  • Temporarily disable setExtFunction due Soft WDT crash.(Issues #15)


3 years ago


  • Added void setExtFunc(void (*f)(void)) to execute custom action during config-mode.
  • Added simple example for SonOff Basic.


3 years ago
  • Migrating from ArduinoJson 5 to ArduinoJson 6.
  • Added void setConnectDelay(unsigned int delayms) : Set delay between connects attempts.


4 years ago
  • Added setConfigPin(int pinNumber) function.
    Set auto-connect interrupt pin. Pull this pin down for more than 500ms will skip auto-connect process(only works when the device trying to connect to AP using saved config). This function must be called before .start()


4 years ago


  • Removed serial control liblary and it's functions.
  • Optimized memory usage.


4 years ago


4 years ago

Change log

  • Rework on memory allocator (again).
  • Added examples for ESP8266OTA.
  • Theming now support standard css format.


4 years ago
  • Rework on memory allocator.


4 years ago

Change in v1.1.0

  • Merge ESP8266OTA with WiFiMan If you have the old ESP8266OTA library installed, please remove it to avoid conflig with new WiFiMan library.
  • Rework with Web UI for more customizable and better memory usage. UI text color and backdround now can be customized.Change the color value of your choice in Theme.h file.
    Some sample of Theme.h are available in themes folder.New themes will be added later.