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Official tensorflow implementation for CVPR2020 paper “Learning to Cartoonize Using White-box Cartoon Representations”

Project README

[CVPR2020]Learning to Cartoonize Using White-box Cartoon Representations

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Use cases



Indoor Scenes


More Images Are Shown In The Supplementary Materials

Online demo


  • Training code: Linux or Windows
  • NVIDIA GPU + CUDA CuDNN for performance
  • Inference code: Linux, Windows and MacOS

How To Use


  • Assume you already have NVIDIA GPU and CUDA CuDNN installed
  • Install tensorflow-gpu, we tested 1.12.0 and 1.13.0rc0
  • Install scikit-image==0.14.5, other versions may cause problems

Inference with Pre-trained Model

  • Store test images in /test_code/test_images
  • Run /test_code/cartoonize.py
  • Results will be saved in /test_code/cartoonized_images


  • Place your training data in corresponding folders in /dataset
  • Run pretrain.py, results will be saved in /pretrain folder
  • Run train.py, results will be saved in /train_cartoon folder
  • Codes are cleaned from production environment and untested
  • There may be minor problems but should be easy to resolve
  • Pretrained VGG_19 model can be found at following url: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1j0jDENjdwxCDb36meP6-u5xDBzmKBOjJ/view?usp=sharing


  • Due to copyright issues, we cannot provide cartoon images used for training
  • However, these training datasets are easy to prepare
  • Scenery images are collected from Shinkai Makoto, Miyazaki Hayao and Hosoda Mamoru films
  • Clip films into frames and random crop and resize to 256x256
  • Portrait images are from Kyoto animations and PA Works
  • We use this repo(https://github.com/nagadomi/lbpcascade_animeface) to detect facial areas
  • Manual data cleaning will greatly increace both datasets quality


We are grateful for the help from Lvmin Zhang and Style2Paints Research



If you use this code for your research, please cite our paper:

@InProceedings{Wang_2020_CVPR, author = {Wang, Xinrui and Yu, Jinze}, title = {Learning to Cartoonize Using White-Box Cartoon Representations}, booktitle = {IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)}, month = {June}, year = {2020} }


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