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Bringing the power of the CakePHP ORM to your favourite webservices

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Bringing the power of the CakePHP ORM to your favourite webservices.


Using Composer:

composer require muffin/webservice

You then need to load the plugin. You can use the shell command:

bin/cake plugin load Muffin/Webservice


Datasource Configuration

In your app.php, add a new webservice config under Datasources:

    'Datasources' => [
        // Other db config here
        'webservice' => [
            'className' => \Muffin\Webservice\Datasource\Connection::class,
            'service' => 'Articles',
            // Any additional keys will be set as Driver's config.

If you are making a plugin then conventionally the datasource config key name should be underscored version of plugin name.

As an ORM

Create driver

namespace App\Webservice\Driver;

use Cake\Http\Client;
use Muffin\Webservice\Driver\AbstractDriver;

class Articles extends AbstractDriver
     * Initialize is used to easily extend the constructor.
    public function initialize(): void
        $this->setClient(new Client([
            'host' => 'example.com'

Create a webservice

namespace App\Webservice;

use Muffin\Webservice\Datasource\Query;
use Muffin\Webservice\Datasource\ResultSet;
use Muffin\Webservice\Webservice\Webservice;

class ArticlesWebservice extends Webservice
     * Executes a query with the read action using the Cake HTTP Client
    protected function _executeReadQuery(Query $query, array $options = [])
        $response = $this->getDriver()->getClient()->get('/articles.json');

        if (!$response->isOk()) {
            return false;

        $resources = $this->_transformResults($query->endpoint(), $response->json['articles']);

        return new ResultSet($resources, count($resources));

Create an endpoint (optional)

namespace App\Model\Endpoint;

use Muffin\Webservice\Model\Endpoint;

class ArticlesEndpoint extends Endpoint

Create a resource (optional)

namespace App\Model\Resource;

use Muffin\Webservice\Model\Resource;

class Article extends Resource

Use it

namespace App\Controller;

use Muffin\Webservice\Model\EndpointLocator;

class ArticlesController extends AppController
    // Either set the default model type to "Endpoint" or explicitly specify
    // model type in loadModel() call as shown below.
    protected $_modelType = 'Endpoint';

    public function index()
        // This is required only if you haven't set `$_modelType` property to
        // "Endpoint" as shown above.
        $this->loadModel('Articles', 'Endpoint');

        $articles = $this->Articles->find();

As base for a driver

You can also use this plugin as a base to a separate plugin or to manage custom webservice drivers connections.

Until official documentation is written, David Yell wrote a good post to get you started.

Implementations of webservices

As an ORM

The following plugins use the Webservice ORM to give you easy access to all kinds of webservices:

  • GitHub plugin - Provides access to the GitHub REST APIs.
  • NS plugin - Provides access to the NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) APIs.
  • Stagemarkt plugin - Provides access to the SBB Stagemarkt REST APIs.
  • Twitter plugin - Provides access to the Twitter REST and streaming APIs.

As a driver

The following plugins implement a Webservice driver with their own methods:

Patches & Features

  • Fork
  • Mod, fix
  • Test - this is important, so it's not unintentionally broken
  • Commit - do not mess with license, todo, version, etc. (if you do change any, bump them into commits of their own that I can ignore when I pull)
  • Pull request - bonus point for topic branches

To ensure your PRs are considered for upstream, you MUST follow the CakePHP coding standards.

Bugs & Feedback



Copyright (c) 2015-Present, [Use Muffin] and licensed under The MIT License.

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