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WebDevStudios library of Gutenberg blocks.

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WDS Blocks

WebDevStudios library of Gutenberg blocks.

WebDevStudios. Your Success is Our Mission.

Current blocks

  • Accordion
  • Carousel

Table of Contents

Use as WordPress Plugin

  1. Download WDS Blocks
  2. Extract wds-blocks-main.zip into your project's /plugins directory
  3. Activate the plugin in the WordPress Dashboard

Plugin Development

If you're interested in using WDS Blocks to get started building your own blocks, follow the instructions below:



Clone the repo with Git:

git clone [email protected]:WebDevStudios/wds-blocks.git

Install dependencies:

npm i --legacy-peer-deps
composer install


WDS Blocks using @wordpress/scripts to handle compiling assets and watching for changes.

See the Official Gutenberg Developer Documentation for extensive tutorials, documentation, and API references.

NPM Scripts

Use the following commands to get started:

Watch for changes:

npm start

Build a production version of WDS Blocks:

npm run build


Lint the codebase:

npm run lint

Format the codebase with Prettier:

npm run format

Webpack Config (optional)

The optional webpack.config.js file includes the @wordpress/scripts defaults, along with an entry path for /src/frontend.js. The frontend entry path is conditionally included and is not a requirement. It can be safely deleted.

Contributing and Support

Your contributions and support tickets are welcome. Please see our guidelines before submitting a pull request.

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