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Chrome / Firefox / Opera plugin for wallabag v2.


7 months ago
  • d2bc9cf adds an option to fetch locally by default
  • layout options categorized
  • code cleaning
  • translations updated


10 months ago


1 year ago

Good news folks. Thanks to @agallou, you can save content from any complicated page (with paywall, client side rendering through API).

  • Go to the addon's settings
  • add the URL of any site not working with wallabag at the moment on the text box labeled by "Retrieve content from the browser (an URL by line)"
  • go to the page you want to save
  • click on the wallabagger icon Et voilà ! 🎉


1 year ago
  • bc0413c Avoid unarchive state if ArchiveByDefault not set (existing entries were unarchive by default)


2 years ago
  • bbfc26e Add support for dark theme in Firefox
  • 0cedf9a popup: Make delete button primary Thanks @jtojnar !


2 years ago
  • a73005f Update Croatian translation for messages.json
  • 85f379d Update German translation for messages.json


3 years ago
  • c84a9bd5e0d061271a8248bdd54a4aa0af0ba8aa Add Croatian (hr) translation
  • 3827fb63879b0d43cf35539147510a6d0e1f0aec Auto add tag if found only one
  • 86a5a15e516257dc591cb7c9e284de0c24f7f59b Default popup wallabag icon style updated (vertical spacing added)
  • 007cfa777ddc7329c54fb9ef8fd6ac98ac548d5d Input values trimmed (copy/paste with extra starting or ending spaces cleaned)


3 years ago

In the previous version, we required permission on every url you visit. It was too much (#194) and we fixed it.

2d6646b add 1 japanese translation (Thank you @AKKED!) f4fabb2 Extension permission reduced to the used wallabag domain 6a4838b Missing translations displayed with [@TOTRANSLATE] prefix 4ce0f75 update russian translation 3edf67a update japanese translation (Thank you @AKKED!) d8e0d1a update german :de: translation (Thank you @Strubbl!)

Plus some more cleanup and fixes…


3 years ago

20d06eb fix permission


3 years ago

Keyboard accessibility

44ef6ca keyboard deleting tags cb08764 backspace returns b89e461 Fix popup action buttons accessibility 7943b0b Tag can be selected with keyboard

Japanese translation

a24fc3d add Japanese translation

Thanks @AKKED! 🎉

Technical stuff

c48acdf eslint fix f1b9801 Dependencies updated 3bf1810 Dependencies updated