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OHIF Plugin for The Visualization Toolkit (VTK)

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OHIF Plugin for The Visualization Toolkit (VTK)

  1. Load the OHIF Viewer on a study
  2. Paste the following into your JavaScript console to define the plugin and load the scripts.
var plugin = {
    name: "VolumeRenderingPlugin",
    url: "https://cdn.rawgit.com/OHIF/VTKPlugin/master/volumeRendering/main.js",
    allowCaching: false,
    moduleURLs: [
    scriptURLs: [
  1. Switch a viewport to use the plugin by specifying its viewport index:


This will install a local copy of the OHIFViewer and let you run a server that can be used for plugin development.

You will get:

  • a local scratch copy of the OHIF StandaloneViewer running on port 3000
  • a web server to serve your plugin code on port 8000
  • sample data from the links below will be pulled from public data stored on Amazon S3


  • Run on a linux/mac environment with bash (windows not supported or tested)
  • All the things needed to build OHIFViewers
  • http-server
  1. Create a copy of the OHIF Standalone Viewer Meteor app (i.e. not built into a static site yet)
  1. Install an HTTP server which supports CORS:
# If you get some EACCESS errors, use sudo.
npm install http-server -g
  1. Start the HTTP server with CORS enabled
  • You will see some logs in your console whenever requests reach your server at http://localhost:8000
  • This serves the plugin directory itself, so any changes you make to the plugin are instantly available.
http-server -p 8000 --cors
  1. Open another terminal tab and start the Standalone Viewer.
  • This version of the StandaloneViewer has some scripts copied into it which enable the MultiplanarReformatting and VolumeRendering plugins by default.
  • Note: If you change anything in these scripts, you will need to run setupDevSite.sh again.
  1. Test the installation by loading one of the following URLs:
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