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PHP code intelligence for Visual Studio Code.

Intelephense is a high performance PHP language server packed full of essential features for productive PHP development.

  • Fast camel/underscore case code completion (IntelliSense) for document, workspace and built-in symbols and keywords with automatic addition of use declarations.
  • Detailed signature (parameter) help for document, workspace and built-in constructors, methods, and functions.
  • Rapid workspace wide go to definition support.
  • Workspace wide find all references.
  • Fast camel/underscore case workspace symbol search.
  • Full document symbol search that also powers breadcrumbs and outline UI.
  • Multiple diagnostics for open files via an error tolerant parser and powerful static analysis engine.
  • Lossless PSR-12 compatible document/range formatting. Formats combined HTML/PHP/JS/CSS files too.
  • Embedded HTML/JS/CSS code intelligence.
  • Detailed hover with links to official PHP documentation.
  • Smart highlight of references and keywords.
  • Advanced PHPDoc type system supporting templates and callable signatures.
  • Reads PHPStorm metadata for improved type analysis and suggestions.
  • Easy rename of symbols. When appropriate, files/folders are automatically renamed too. PREMIUM
  • Accurate code folding of definitions, blocks, use declarations, heredoc, comments, and custom regions. PREMIUM
  • Quickly find all implementations of interfaces and abstract classes and associated methods. PREMIUM
  • Fast go to type definition of typed variables and parameters. PREMIUM
  • Fast go to declaration for methods implementing an interface or abstract method declaration. PREMIUM
  • Configurable auto PHPDoc creation that infers return types and identifies thrown exceptions. PREMIUM
  • Syntax tree driven smart select to intelligently expand/shrink selection. PREMIUM
  • Helpful code actions to import symbols, add PHPDoc, and implement all abstract methods. PREMIUM
  • Concise type hierarchy. Easily view and navigate to subtypes and supertypes. PREMIUM


Purchase a licence at https://intelephense.com to access PREMIUM features. Licence keys grant a single user access to all current and future premium features on multiple devices forever. Licence keys must be activated (automatically) via https before use. Features not marked as PREMIUM are free and always will be free.

The language server client (vscode-intelephense) is open source and licensed under the MIT licence.

The language server (intelephense) is proprietary. Please see here for details.

Quick Start

  1. Disable the built-in VSCode PHP Language Features.

    • Go to Extensions.
    • Search for @builtin php
    • Disable PHP Language Features. Leave PHP Language Basics enabled for syntax highlighting.

    Note that other (3rd party) PHP extensions which provide similar functionality should also be disabled for best results.

  2. Add glob patterns for non standard php file extensions to the files.associations setting.

    For example: "files.associations": { "*.module": "php" }.

  3. Optionally purchase and enter your licence key by opening the command pallete -- ctrl + shift + p -- and searching for Enter licence key.

Further configuration options are available in the intelephense section of settings.


Try the Intelephense Documentation.

Found a bug? Got a feature request? Create an issue.


A big thank you to supporters who have bought a premium licence and have enabled the continued development and maintenance of this extension.

Intelephense uses the following open source libraries. Please see the following links for source code and licences.

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