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Video Hub App 3

Video Hub App 3 is the fastest way to browse and search for videos on your computer. Think of it like YouTube for videos on your computer: browse, search, and preview. Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux!

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$3.50 of every sale goes to the cost-effective charity Against Malaria Foundation.



Video Hub App was created by Boris Yakubchik. It uses the frameworks Angular and Electron.


This software was built on top of angular-electron by Maxime GRIS. It carries an MIT license (see the LICENSE file). While the license is permissive, I ask that you do not distribute free copies of this software unless you have significantly changed it.


I would love to see the improvements you make to this app and am happy to accept pull requests. You can reach out if you'd like to coordinate / collaborate, or just jump to issues to see what's already getting worked on and to add new suggestions!

Please consider improving any of the translations, or add a new translation!

Please consider improving or adding an icon to the app. It's a simple process, just follow the instructions!

Upcoming features

See issues for what is in progress.


⚠ The repository is usually ahead of the publicly released version - it is 🚧 WIP and may have bugs in it.

How to start:

  • npm install to install (you may need to run npm install --legacy-peer-deps if install fails)
  • npm start to develop
  • npm run electron to build

Main dependencies in use:

Library Version Date Comment
Angular v18 Jun 2024
Angular-CLI v18 Jun 2024
Electron v30 Jun 2024 (internally uses Node v20.11.1 and Chromium 124)
Electron Builder v24 Jun 2024
  • Node: It may be best to use the same version as Electron uses internally (v20.11.1)

  • Angular CLI: not required but may be useful: Angular CLI.

  • Mac: We now have M1 and Intel builds, but you may need to manually update the FFmpeg and FFprobe executables if you're building for a different architecture than you are on.

To help debug a production build of VHA you can use Debugtron


👩‍🚀 a new feature in VHA is the option for the user to turn on a server after the app starts. This will let the user open a simpler version of the VHA user interface on their phone or tablet (if both PC and device are on the same WiFi) and use it as remote control to play videos 🚀

For details, see instructions.

Thank you

This software would not be possible without the tremendous work by other people:

This software uses libraries from the FFmpeg project under the LGPLv2.1 with binaries from here

Since becoming open source, this software was made better with the awesome contributions by cal2195

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