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A small service for securely delivering Vault authorization keys to Mesos tasks and ECS containers.

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Vault-Gatekeeper is a small service for delivering Vault token to other services who's lifecycles are managed by a container scheduler such as Mesos or ECS.

Vault-Gatekeeper takes the Cubbyhole Authenication approach outlined by Jeff Mitchell on Vault Blog. Specifically Vault response wrapping is used as outlined in the Vault documentation.

In short, a service will request a vault token from VG supplying its Mesos task id or ECS task arn. VG will then check with Mesos/ECS to ensure that the task has been recently started and that VG has not already issued a token for that task id. Then VG will check its configuration to understand what role that task is assigned and request a response wrapped token from Vault. VG will then pass the token to the service which can then unwrap the response with /sys/wrapping/unwrap to retrieve the token.


  • Vault 0.6.2+
  • Mesos 1.0.0+ (if using Mesos)




This guide assumes that you 1.) have a Vault instance running, 2.) have a Mesos instance running and 3.) have an approle policy in Vault named test.

  1. Install a sample policy in Vault
$ echo '{"mesos:*":{"roles":["test"],"num_uses":1}}' | ./gatekeeper policy update --vault-token 'MY_TOKEN' '-'
  1. Start a Gatekeeper instance
$ ./gatekeeper server --mesos-master 'http://leader.mesos:5050' --vault-addr http://localhost:8200
  1. Unseal the Gatekeeper instance with a token. (The token must have at least the policy defined in gatekeeper-policy.hcl).
$ ./gatekeeper unseal token --vault-token 'GK_TOKEN'
  1. Launch a task on mesos and retrieve a token:
$ curl -X POST -d"{\"task_id\":\"${MESOS_TASK_ID}\"}" 'http://gatekeeper-host/token'


You can grab a binary from the releases or deploy the docker image nemosupremo/vault-gatekeeper.



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