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Standalone preview for VapourSynth scripts. Meant to be paired with a code editor with integrated terminal like Visual Studio Code.

Feel free to contact me in Telegram chat. Any feedback is appreciated.


  • Python 3.9
  • Vapoursynth R53
  • pip modules in requirements.txt

You can use the following command to install pip modules:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Installation and usage

There are two ways to install this package using Python's pip module. The first is using editable mode for development purposes, the second is using the git protocol with pip.

Editable mode allows any changes made locally to take effect when the module gets reloaded.

# For development versions, clone the repository and install it in editable mode:
git clone
cd vapoursynth-preview
python -m pip install -e ./

# Install the latest from git master:
python -m pip install -U git+

You can also download and add this directory (repository root) to your PYTHONPATH manually. Using the above ways to install vspreview, it can be used by running python -m vspreview script.vpy.

Alternatively, download this repository anywhere else and use it by running python script.vpy.


WIP, so there're some debug stuff among the logic, but not much.


pip modules:

mypy pycodestyle pylint pyqt5-stubs

PyQt5 stubs may be incomplete when it comes to signals.

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