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🔬 Valve's Source 2 resource file format parser, decompiler, and exporter.

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* The library component of Source 2 Viewer is called ValveResourceFormat (VRF).

Valve's Source 2 resource file format parser, decompiler, and exporter. Source 2 files usually end with _c, for example .vmdl_c.

This repository is split into three components:

  • CLI Decompiler - File data viewer, decompiler and a playground for testing new formats and features.
  • GUI Viewer - A vpk archive viewer and extractor. Also supports viewing resources such as sounds, textures, models, maps, and much more.
  • Library - Provides public API to parse resource files and some helpers.

View the official website for downloads.

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Join our Discord

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What's supported?

  • VPK viewer which supports opening and exporting files
  • Creating new vpk archives
  • Model viewer and decompiler to glTF and modeldoc
  • Map viewer and decompiler to glTF and vmap
  • Material decompiler to vmat
  • Sound player
  • Binary KeyValues3 parser
  • NTRO support


This tool is based entirely on a reverse engineered effort because Valve does not provide any documentation or Source 2 code (SDK or engine code), while the Source 1 SDK and leaked engine code are helpful, a lot of systems and formats have changed.

The code contained in this repository is based on countless hours of reverse engineering Source 2 games and not all intricate details have been figured out.

If you are interested in helping, take a look at the open issues and join our Discord.

Not all formats are 100% supported, some parameters are still unknown and not fully understood.

Supported resource types

Ext Name Support
vagrp Animation Group 👍
vanim Animation 👍
vanmgrph Animation Graph No
vcompmat Composite Material No
vcss Panorama Style 👍
vdata Data 👍
vents EntityLump 👍
vjs Panorama Script 👍
vmap Map 👍
vmat Material 👍
vmdl Model 👍
vmesh Mesh 👍
vmorf MorphSet 👍
vpcf Particle System 👍
vpdi Panorama Dynamic Images No
vphys Physics Collision Mesh 👍
vpost Postprocessing Settings 👍
vpsf Particle Snapshot No
vpulse Pulse Graph Definition No
vrman ResourceManifest 👍
vrmap Resource Remap Table No
vrr Response rules 👍
vrr Response Rules No
vseq Sequence Group No
vsmart Smart Prop Partially
vsnap Particle Snapshot 👍
vsnd Sound 👍
vsndevts Sound Event Script 👍
vsndstck Sound Stack Script 👍
vsurf Surface Properties No
vsvg Panorama Vector Graphic 👍
vtex Compiled Texture 👍
vts Panorama TypeScript 👍
vvis WorldVisibility No
vwnod WorldNode 👍
vwrld World 👍
vxml Panorama Layout 👍
vpk Pak (package) 👍 Handled by ValvePak
vcs Compiled Shader 👍 Handled by CompiledShader
vfont Bitmap Font 👍 Decrypts VFONT1, supported in Source 1 and Source 2.
dat Closed Captions 👍 Handled by ClosedCaptions
bin Tools Asset Info 👍 Handled by ToolsAssetInfo
vdpn Dota Patch Notes 👍
vdacdefs DAC Game Defs Data No
vfe Face poser No
vcd VCD No
vcdlist VCD list 👍

List of supported magics

Magic Description
0x03564B56 VKV\x03 - First binary keyvalues 3 encoding with custom block compression
0x4B563301 KV3\x01 - Binary keyvalues 3 (version 1)
0x4B563302 KV3\x02 - Binary keyvalues 3 (version 2)
0x4B563303 KV3\x03 - Binary keyvalues 3 (version 3)
0x4B563304 KV3\x04 - Binary keyvalues 3 (version 4)
0x564B4256 VBKV - binary keyvalues 1 (handled by ValveKeyvalue)
0x55AA1234 VPK - valve package (handled by ValvePak)
0x44434356 VCCD - closed captions
0xC4CCACE8 tools asset info
0xC4CCACE9 tools asset info (newer version)
0x32736376 vcs2 - compiled shader
0x31415926 murmurhash2 seed used in various places (like entity keys)
VFONT1 "encrypted" font file


Contents of this repository are available under MIT license, except for Tests/Files folder contains files which have likely come from Valve's games.

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