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Vagrant setup for Mac OS X

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Vagrant setup for OSX

Vagrant environment for testing and experiments inside OSX running via VMWare.


  1. Download a fresh copy of OSX installer from AppStore.
  2. Create a Vagrant OSX box via timsutton/osx-vm-templates
  • Use --only=vmware-iso to only use VMWare builder
  • Increase the disk size (default is 20480 MB) as installing large packages from Homebrew and elsewhere may take up 20GB pretty quickly
  • Remove Parallels and Chef scripts as we won't need these
  1. Place the result box in the root of this repo as
  2. Install Homebrew (which implies having XCode CLI Tools installed)
  3. Install Brewcask brew install caskroom/cask/brew-cask
  4. Install other tools: brew install --cask vagrant vmware-fusion
  5. Install Vagrant VMWare plugin: vagrant plugin install vagrant-vmware-fusion and add license vagrant plugin license vagrant-vmware-fusion license.lic


Boxen & synced folders

Boxen uses file-locking to ensure it's only running once. This doesn't work with the default VMWare file-sync mechanism.

This is why we use NFS, but that has a different caveat - each time you run vagrant [up|reload], Vagrant will try to modify /etc/exports on your host machine, which will by default require your sudo password.

A workaround could be allowing write for all admins on that system & restarting nfsd without password:

# This is due to pesky sed - see
sudo chown root:admin /etc
sudo chmod g+w /etc

sudo chown root:admin /etc/exports
sudo chmod g+w /etc/exports

echo "%admin ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: /sbin/nfsd" >> /etc/sudoers

while having Vagrant 1.7.0+ installed.

Testing environments

Just pure OSX

Just a pure OSX with no extra mountpoints/provisioners, works out of the box.

vagrant up base


Expects ./our-boxen directory in the root, Vagrant will mount it & install accordingly.

Available ENV variables:

  • GH_TOKEN - Github token for Boxen
  • UNLOCK_BOXEN (empty or 1) - whether to unlock boxen (sometimes necessary when you kill the instance in mid-flight)
  • NO_PULL (empty or 1) - whether to pull down latest version of mounted our-boxen or not
vagrant up boxen



Homebrew (Cask)

This will install latest Homebrew + Brewcask, turn Brewcask into DEV mode and mount any directories named as homebrew-* as taps into the VM.

vagrant up brew


vagrant ssh brew
brew install vagrant/homebrew-mytap/package-name
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