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☀️ A vue3 admin template | vue3 admin/element plus admin/vite admin/vue3 template/vue3 后台/vue3 模板/vue3 后台管理系统

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⚡ Introduction

V3 Admin Vite is a free and open source middle and background management system basic solution, based on mainstream framework such as Vue3, TypeScript, Element Plus, Pinia and Vite

China repository: Gitee

📚 Document

  • Chinese documentation: link
  • Chinese getting started tutorial: link

📺 Online preview

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github-pages admin or editor link

❤️ Generate electricity with love

  • Completely free:But hopefully you order a star !!!
  • Very concise:No complicated encapsulation, no complicated type gymnastics, out of the box
  • Detailed annotations:Each configuration item is written with as detailed comments as possible
  • Latest dependencies: Regularly update all third-party dependencies to the latest version
  • Very specification: The code style is unified, the naming style is unified, and the comment style is unified


  • Vue3:The latest Vue3 composition API using Vue3 + script setup
  • Element Plus:Vue3 version of Element UI
  • Pinia: An alternative to Vuex in Vue3
  • Vite:Really fast
  • Vue Router:router
  • TypeScript:JavaScript With Syntax For Types
  • PNPM:Faster, disk space saving package management tool
  • Scss:Consistent with Element Plus
  • CSS variable:Mainly controls the layout and color of the item
  • ESlint:Code verification
  • Prettier: Code formatting
  • Axios: Promise based HTTP client (encapsulated)
  • UnoCSS: Real-time atomized CSS engine with high performance and flexibility
  • Mobile Compatible: The layout is compatible with mobile page resolution


  • User management: Log in and out of the demo
  • Authority management: Page-level permissions (dynamic routing), button-level permissions (directive permissions, permission functions), and route navigation guards
  • Multiple Environments: Development, Staging, Production
  • Multiple themes: Normal, Dark, Dark Blue, three theme modes
  • Multiple layouts:Left, Top, Left Top, three layout modes
  • Error page: 403, 404
  • Dashboard: Display different Dashboard pages according to different users
  • Other functions:SVG, Dynamic Sidebar, Dynamic Breadcrumb Navigation, Tabbed Navigation, Screenfull, Adaptive Shrink Sidebar, Hook (Composables)

🚀 Development

# configure
1. installation of the recommended plugins in the .vscode directory
2. node version 18.x or 20+
3. pnpm version 8.x or latest

# clone
git clone https://github.com/un-pany/v3-admin-vite.git

# enter the project directory
cd v3-admin-vite

# install dependencies
pnpm i

# start the service
pnpm dev

✔️ Preview

# stage environment
pnpm preview:stage

# prod environment
pnpm preview:prod

📦️ Multi-environment packaging

# build the stage environment
pnpm build:stage

# build the prod environment
pnpm build:prod

🔧 Code inspection

# code formatting
pnpm lint

# unit test
pnpm test

Git commit specification reference

  • feat add new functions
  • fix Fix issues/bugs
  • perf Optimize performance
  • style Change the code style without affecting the running result
  • refactor Re-factor code
  • revert Undo changes
  • test Test related, does not involve changes to business code
  • docs Documentation and Annotation
  • chore Updating dependencies/modifying scaffolding configuration, etc.
  • workflow Work flow Improvements
  • ci CICD
  • types Type definition
  • wip In development

Project preview

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💕 Contributors

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📄 License


Copyright (c) 2022-present pany

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