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USD shell extension for Windows.

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Activision USD Shell Extension

A Windows Shell Extension for the Pixar USD file format.

Windows Explorer Features

  • Hydra Realtime Preview
  • Thumbnails
  • Context Menus
  • Metadata Properties

Windows Search Features

  • Metadata Search

More details available here.


There are several goals that this shell extension tries to adhere to and takes extra precautions to meet.

  • Performance
    It is important that the shell extension not stall Windows Explorer.

  • Stability
    Instability in the shell extension will take down Window Explorer and/or the entire desktop.

The mitigation strategy is to run the majority of the shell extension asynchronously out of the Windows Explorer process.


The following dependencies are required:

Required Microsoft Visual Studio Components:

  • Desktop development with C++
  • C++ ATL
  • Windows 10 SDK
  • Windows Universal C Runtime
  • Python language support
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