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Tutorials and my solutions to the Udacity NLP Nanodegree

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Udacity Natural Language Processing Nanodegree

This repository contains the Tutorials and my solutions to the NLP Nanodegree's Projects.

See https://www.udacity.com/course/natural-language-processing-nanodegree--nd892

Original source code retrieved from Udacity online environments and from the following Udacity repository:

Installation notes

I used a Ubuntu 16.04 docker image to run this code (with a Nvidia GPU installed on the Ubuntu Docker host)

You should create a Conda Virtual environments using conda env create -f conda-env.yml command. Normally the created virtual environment should contain all the required Python libraries to execute the projects. (Don't forget to activate the conda environment with conda activate nlpnd before launching Jupyter Lab)

For the 7-Project-VoiceUserInterface project, you should execute the setup_container.sh inside the virtual environment to meet the required configuration (this will downgrade the Keras version and install additional packages)

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