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TYPO3 CMS Distribution (Composer Mode) with TYPO3 console and custom application environment support.

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This repository delivers a full configured, bare metal TYPO3 distribution based on my best practices.

The goal of this package is to give an example of how a TYPO3 project could be configured and structured for real world scenarios. It is updated on a regular basis to reflect the current development of TYPO3 CMS. It's used by me as an advanced TYPO3 boilerplate for real world TYPO3 projects.

Check this

ext:theme of this TYPO3 distribution doesn't work alone! It's absolutely not intended for standalone usage!!!

This TYPO3 distribution is an advanced, professional TYPO3 distribution which requires an all-encompassing TYPO3 know-how.

Which TYPO3 version is actually supported?

  • TYPO3 9.5 LTS (regular further development)


The documentation is actually work in progress

Some of the Features

  • TYPO3 in Composer mode
  • Useful custom composer tasks
  • helhum/TYPO3-console support
  • PackageStates.php is excluded in git repository and written automatically
  • activated extensions are controlled by root composer.json
  • development context specific extensions are controlled by root composer.json's require-dev section
  • Vendor name change script
  • Support for ext:yaml_configuration (To import default database records and getting a working fully configured pagetree in just seconds)
  • DB-less sys_template record support (no more sys_template records!!!)
  • Many TYPO3 backend improvements
    • Support for automatic image resizing when uploading too large images
    • Simplified cropVariants configuration (custom CropVariants Builder )
    • Unlocalized crop configuration (per default – can be disabled)
    • Easy language file editing in the backend sgalinski/lfeditor (Development context)
    • TYPO3 backend password policies with secure default configuration
    • Additional useful custom icons for the backend
    • Module for listing all registered icon identifiers and showing specific icons as overview
  • Many TYPO3 frontend improvements
    • Quick and ready2use RealFaviconGenerator.net gulp script (just upload svg, adjust colors, run tasks, commit favicons and you're done)
    • Support for Heise's Shariff (to enable sharing favorite content without compromising visitors privacy) via reelworx/rx-shariff
    • Prepared Linkvalidator configuration (TYPO3 core feature)
    • Basic Bootstrap v4 website frontend
    • Simple cookieconsent v3 support (multilanguage)
    • Preconfigured extension georgringer/news
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