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Travel Mate is an android app for travellers. It provides features like choosing the correct destination, making bookings, and organizing the trip. It provides solutions for every problem a traveller might face during their journey. It provides a comprehensive list of information about a destination: current weather, best places to hangout, and city's current trends. Checkout Features list for a detailed feature description.


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We are not running any ads in the app and the source code is available for free on GitHub. It costs us to keep the servers up all the time. Support us to make sure we continue to help travellers.

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Travel Mate helps decide the destination by providing tourist spots, interesting trivia, local trends, weather and much more about over 10k cities.

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Travel Mate allows users to store their travel history. They can add their Travel Mate friends to trip and share their history with others. They always have option to keep their trips private.


Travel Mate provides real-time information about monuments, restaurants, hotels, medical centres, etc. for travellers explore unfamiliar cities.


Travel Mate gives a bunch of helpful utilities in one app including World Clock, checklists, share your contact.


Check out the Getting Started page to add an awesome new feature or bash some bugs. If you're new to open-source, we recommend you to checkout our Contributing Guidelines.

Feel free to fork the project and send us a pull request or even open a new issue to start discussion.

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