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Issue tracking system and Workflow documents integrated to Humhub

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Issue Tracker integrated to Humhub

The tracker focused on Enterprise and Private Social Networks.

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  • You can create tasks, issue, schedule meetings and other for your spaces.
  • You can create private, personal tasks. Manage all available for you tasks using the dashboard.
  • You can add personal colored tags(bookmarks) to issues .
  • Cooperate on joint tasks. Share an unlimited number of tasks with anyone - colleagues, family members, friends and collaborate in real time on collaborative projects and goals.
  • Manage large complex issues, breaking them into smaller subtasks.
  • A large functions of Humhub is available for tasks. Issues by spaces, commenting, attaching files, Rich Markdown, notifications and others. Thanks HumHub Community Edition.
  • Calendar and Timeline plugins are available for your analysis by tasks.
  • Keep track of incoming and outgoing documents. By them, create issues for your employees.

To Install Manual

Build Status

  • upload all files to protected/modules/tracker/
  • init module in admin setting and in your spaces

To Update Manual

Module is enabled, and activate:

  • delete all files from protected/modules/tracker/
  • upload github files to protected/modules/tracker/
  • run cd protected/modules/tracker
  • run php ../../yii migrate -p="migrations"
  • clear assets from assets/ and cache from protected/runtime/cache/

Improvements for translation.

If you want enhancement translation for your language just update files in messages/your-languages follow this example code:

return [
    'Issue' => 'Your translation for `Issue` message',
    'Tracker issues' => 'Your translation for `Tracker issues` message',

After send Pull Request to Tracker module repository

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