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Experimental x86_64 kernel project. Planned eventual successor to the kernel in ToaruOS. WIP

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Misaka (ToaruOS 2.0)

Misaka is the "next-generation" (x86-64, SMP) kernel for ToaruOS.

This repository contains most of the same content as the upstream repository, including the userspace applications, libraries, and toolchain scripts. The bootloaders are not included - grub should work.

Note that Misaka is still considered a work in progress. While most of the OS is functioning, third-party ports are not ready, SMP support is still very unstable, and network support is unimplemented.


Completed Work

  • The Toaru kernel has been ported to x86-64.
  • Considerable changes have been made to make the kernel more portable to other architectures.
  • Userspace fixes have been implemented to run on the new kernel.
  • Some drivers have been ported (AC'97, serial, vmware mouse)
  • SMP is functioning but highly unstable, the GUI can be run successfully and multiple graphical demos can run in parallel before eventual crashes.


  • Kernel locking needs to be audited and SMP stability needs to be fixed. This will likely be a time-consuming process as these faults are difficult to debug.
  • Some subsystems are being rewritten from scratch, such as the network stack.
  • Third-party ports have not been made/tested yet; current plan is to have everything from the 1.10.x package series available again for x86-64.
  • aarch64 and riscv64 ports are on the long-term roadmap.
  • All of this will eventually be merged upstream.


git clone
cd misaka
git submodule update --init kuroko
docker pull toaruos/build-tools:1.99.x
docker run -v `pwd`:/root/misaka -w /root/misaka -e LANG=C.UTF-8 -t toaruos/build-tools:1.99.x util/


qemu-system-x86_64 -kernel misaka-kernel -initrd ramdisk.tar -append "root=/dev/ram0 start=live-session migrate" -enable-kvm -m 1G

Add -smp 2 if you want to test with multiple cores. Up to 32 cores are "supported" at the moment.

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