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Why do we need this?

  1. Dictionaries in Swift are not thread safe , they lead to wierd crashes which are very hard to debug.This class solves this problem by using a dictionary whose accesses are made thread safe by using a concurrent queue with a barrier.
  2. It also conforms to the Collection Protocol and also has all the relevant subscript overrides which means you can use it just like a normal dictionary.
  3. The key now conforms to Hashable so now ThreadSafeDictionary can be used with any key that conforms to the Hashable protocol.


1. Normal Dictionary Usage:

let dict = [String: A]()
let value = dict["hello"]

2. ThreadSafeDictionary Usage

let dict = ThreadSafeDictionary<String,A>()
let value = dict["hello"]

where A is any custom class

you can even do a for each like a normal dictionary

dict.forEach { (key, value) in
            // your handling

So just by a single line change , you can enjoy benefits of thread safety and a swift implementation of a dictionary. Guys this is being actively tested and used , will push commits if i face any issues , feel free to post issues if you find any. Feels good to be back after a while

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