The Midnight Versions Save

The Midnight: A cold, unforgiving hostile dimension. Originally made for SpookyJam 2018.


2 years ago

Here's the last 1.16.5 test build. We've already moved the development workspace onto 1.17.1 so we won't be coming back to 1.16.5 any time soon, if at all. FlashFyre and I have already been having a grand ol' time fixing the dev environment. Anyways, as always, report bugs on github issues or in the #testing channel and we'll see what we can do about them.

  • ported over a bunch of worldgen shit from 0.5.11 (will clean up later, but for now it is mostly good
  • new cave generation and noise generation
  • new cave biomes (still experimental, /locatebiome only works when you're below a reasonable y-level and in the caves system)
  • a bunch of other internal changes

Notes for GitHub: Alpha 6 fixes Alpha 5 not running. You won't find Alpha 5 anywhere on here.


2 years ago
  • Dimension is now fully functional and registers into the game correctly
    • Fully functional does not mean it has content or it is free of bugs. Feel free to test this build with other mods you suspect could cause conflicts with the dimension
    • Rewrote the entire dimension backend, but you're a tester so you probably don't really care

Some other things I'd like for your to test

  • The blocks and items work as intended (i.e. tools, geodes, the plants have animations, etc)
  • Custom music ticker in the dimension based on the biome you're standing on. No song should ever play twice in a row. To listen to Crystals, run /locatebiome midnight:crystal_spires and tp to there before music starts playing.


2 years ago

first testing build. Here's what we got so far (off the top of my head)

  • Minecraft 1.16.5, Forge 36.1.0
  • The dimension (/execute in midnight:the_midnight tp @s ~ ~ ~)
  • Several blocks (I think we have almost all of them, actually)
  • Geodes with a new way to use them! Throw a geode at a hard rock or stone and you'll get a prize when it breaks! (PS dark orbs or whatever they're called don't do anything right now)
  • A working music ticker (special thanks to Bailey for some help on that one)
  • An API that isn't really fully fledged, but if you aren't a mod developer you probably wont care.
  • Despite how little content there is, this is the most stable build of the midnight in existence. We plan to keep stability as a top priority.

clarifications: screencap of clarification

Notes for GitHub: Alpha 2 fixes Alpha 1 not running. You won't find Alpha 1 anywhere on here.


2 years ago

DISCLAIMER: This is an April Fool's joke. The rewrite is not actually finished yet.

1.0.1-final fixes the mod crashing on startup. Apparently, people really want to use this funny.

After quite a while of work, we finally, yes finally, got the rewrite done! Today, on this special day, let us introduce you to the first and final release of the Midnight: 1.0-final! In this update we did some big changes:

Since we felt uncomfortable with the dimension and wanted to go for a different, more nostalgic approach. So we removed the dimension and replaced it with a new feature we call the "Midnight Reactor Core". You know how it works: surround it with the usual gold and cobblestone structure, click on the core and you will be immediately teleported into the darkness of the Midnight.


  • Removed the dimension
  • Removed various translations
  • Removed the brain of Jonathing
  • Added the Midnight Reactor Core
  • Added credits for the active contributors
  • The mod in it's entirety is now more stable as it is rewritten
  • Updated to Minecraft 1.16.4


3 years ago

There was a critical bug that was found in 0.5.10 due to a severe oversight on my part, so here's a patch addressing that. Sorry for any inconveniences with extra step sounds!

Programmers: Jonathing

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed step sounds being played multiple times due to an oversight with a mixin coremod that messed with something it really shouldn't have.
  • Fixed 0.5.9 not checking for updates because I forgot to update the changelog.json file. Whoops.


  • Cleaned up the mods.toml page just a little bit.
  • Simplified some convoluted methods in the code so hopefully your game will run at least one frame faster than before.


3 years ago

Cheers to the very last 1.15.2 patch for the Midnight! We've got great things in the works behind the scenes.

Programmers: Jonathing, Shadew
Contributors: KingPhygieBoo


  • Brought back an ancient coremodding hack that renders entities as if they're being dragged on the ground when a rifter captures them. This rendering is experimental and should be disabled in the configuration settings if it causes issues.
  • Nightstone Furnace recipes now show in JEI.

Bug Fixes:

  • Grass should spawn on top of nightstone much less.
  • Fixed tall grass not being replaceable.
  • Fixed rifters teleporting into the Midnight without their victim.
  • Rifters not spawned through rifts will no longer capture mobs.
  • Fixed chest textures not being rendered correctly.
  • Fixed dead wood fences not connecting to each other or to walls.
  • Fixed the configuration option to have the rifts open in the daytime. It had the opposite effect before.
  • Fixed suavis placement bugs.
  • Addressed some language inconsistencies in the configuration screen.


  • Thanks to the help of Bailey (@KingPhygieBoo) the sky gradient has returned! It looks just like it did in prior versions.
  • Rifters play idle sounds less and are quieter.
  • Added a configuration option to set the percent chance for rifters to spawn naturally (defaults to 50%).
  • Added a configuration option to set the percent chance for rifters to play idle sounds when they try to do so (defaults to 75%).
  • Entrance rift structures are now filled in the inside with air. No more random patches of grass, stone, etc. blocking your path to your own personal nightmare.


  • The new required minimum version of Minecraft Forge is 31.2.45.
  • You will be sent an in-game notification when the next release of The Midnight is available. It's gonna be a big one, so it's justified. If you don't want it, feel free to disable it in the client configuration settings! (Reminder that CTRL + \ is the default keybind to open the config menu in the pause screen).
  • Decreased the rifter's natural armor.
  • Mobs (i.e. zombies) will no longer pick up spore bombs.
  • All coremodding hacks now use Spongepowered's Mixin instead of Forge's JS ASM API.
  • The Midnight will now always use moody brightness by default. This can be disabled in the client configuration settings, but even then your brightness setting will be halved in the dimension.
  • Nerfed the archaic glass recipe.
  • The glob fungus hat now glows like its little plant variant.
  • Crystalotus now glows.


3 years ago

Programmers: Jonathing, Shadew

  • Added a config option to allow brightness change in The Midnight (capped at 50% brightness).
  • Added back in a coremodding hack that makes entities look like they are laying down and being dragged when a rifter grabs them (EXPERIMENTAL AND BUGGY, MAY REMOVE UPON RELEASE).
  • All coremodding hacks now use Spongepowered's Mixin instead of Forge's JS ASM API.
  • Entrance rift structures will now be filled with air when being spawned. No more portals inaccessible under stone or grass blocks!
  • Added an update checker for 0.6.0+.
  • Added a config option to disable the rewrite update checker.
  • Added JEI integration for the Nightstone Furnace's recipes.
  • Addressed some inconsistencies with the config screen.


3 years ago

Programmers: Jonathing, Shadew Contributors: KingPhygieBoo

  • Updated Minecraft Forge to 31.2.45
  • Pseudo-fixed grass spawning on top of nightstone.
  • Fixed tall grass not being replaceable.
  • Decreased the rifter's natural armor.
  • Fixed rifters teleporting into The Midnight without their victim.
  • Rifters not spawned through rifts will no longer capture animals or players.
  • Fixed incorrect chest textures.
  • Fixed dead wood fences not visually connecting to each other or other blocks.
  • Mobs can no longer pick up spore bombs.
  • Now using Mixin for some of our coremodding hacks.
  • The sky gradient has returned! It looks just like it did in prior versions.
  • Adjusted the light brightness tables to be closer to what it was in prior versions.
  • The Midnight dimension will now always be on moody brightness.
  • The archaic glass recipe now gives 2 archaic glass blocks instead of 8.
  • Rifters now play idle sounds less often (configurable).
  • Rifters are now quieter.
  • Glob fungi now glow like their plant variant.
  • Fixed configuration screen formatting.
  • Added config option for natural rifter spawn rate.
  • Fixed config option for rifts always being open not working.
  • Crystalotus now glows.
  • Fixed suavis placement bugs.


4 years ago

Programmers: Jonathing Contributors: Vaelzan

  • Removed unnecessary debug code that would spam the server console.
  • Updated mods.toml with a larger description and proper credits to all current and past developers of The Midnight.
  • Added support for Forge's mod update checker.
  • Fixed TerraForged support.


4 years ago

Programmers: Jonathing

  • Updated Forge to 31.2.0. This apparently also fixed a few other issues we were aware of such as Nightstone Furnaces not losing fuel when an invalid item is on top.
  • Fixed stinger eggs spawning on top of miasma (for real this time).
  • Disabled the ability to locate well and shadowroot guardtowers since they lock up the game for unknown reasons.