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Manage Sketch texts in multiple locales.

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Sketch Texts Translate

Sketch Texts Translate demo

Manage texts in Sketch in multiple locales by this plugin.


Download and double-click sketch_translate file and let Sketch automatically install the plugin.


Install Texts Translate with Sketchpacks


  • Go to Plugins -> Texts Translation -> Save locale to save current locale.
  • Go to Plugins -> Texts Translation -> Change locale to create new locale or change to an existing one.


You need to have a saved Sketch document before using the plugin. Locales files are saved in same folder ('Sketch document name'+'_translations').

Sketch Texts Translate files

Manually created/edited locales

You can manually create/edit locale files. These files have a very easy structure; "TextLayer objectID" as key and "text content" as value in a JSON file, where file name is the locale name.

You can create a new locale by:

  1. Duplicate existing locale.
  2. Edit TextLayer value.
  3. Save in same folder with "locale name" and same format (JSON).
  4. This locale will be available when "Change locale" action.


If you discover any issues or you think this plugin can be improved by new features, create a new issue in this repository or find me on twitter @laresgoiti.

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