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Installation for the last theme

There are two way to install the last themes/lines

  • Fully scripted with chezmoi, (better on a new install), follow the instruction here.
  • Or manually by following the wiki page.

The method with chezmoi only work with a theme for awesomewm and only for supported distrib Gentoo, Archlinux or Debian.
You can try on other distributions like Ubuntu... at your own risk and peril :)


To install vim.plug and all plugins (see:

stow vim
./install --vim


You can install ohmyzsh and spaceship-prompt with:

./install --zsh
stow zsh


To recover all the wallpapers (the script will place them into ~/images), you need to install curl and execute a:

./install --images

Or search directly here. You have to launch this each time a new theme come.


To install all the fonts (in ~/.local/share/fonts), you can use my script too.

./install --fonts

Other themes




terms (xst) - lightline.vim - tmux
miami screenshot

There are many themes under the folder themes but not all are compatible with Awesome yet.

Other screenshots

More screenshots are available at unix-portfolio or Gallery.


Any support will be greatly appreciated, star the repo, a coffee, donation, thanks you !

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