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A 3D framework for everyone.

I love SwiftUI. I have been using it constantly since it came out in 2019 and its power and ease of use are what ignited my passion for Swift development.

Creating reusable views with simple declarations meant anyone could quickly learn how to make anything from a super simple app with text that says “Hello World!” to a fully-featured app.

2D is great, but in the future, there will need to be something equivalent to SwiftUI that will let us create 3D applications just as easily for use on either a 2D screen or to bring into your world with AR. I set a goal to try and create a concept of what this new framework could look like and how the features and power of the Swift language could make this possible. The perfect place to do this and present my findings is in a Swift Playground!

This playground will walk you through the main concepts of Swift3D and teach you how to create your own custom 3D experiences. I hope you enjoy it!

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