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Sample Event Sourcing implementation with .NET Core

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This repository shows how to implement Event Sourcing, CQRS and DDD in .NET Core, using a Bank as example.

The code has been used as example accompaining a few series of articles on my personal blog:

An ASP.NET Core API is used as entry-point for all the client-facing operations:

  • create customers
  • create accounts
  • deposit money
  • withdraw money


The Cloud can be hosted on Azure, using Azure Functions, Storage Table to persist Events and Materialized Views, and ServiceBus to broadcast the Events.

An "on-premise" version is available as well, which uses

  • EventStore to keep track of all the events
  • Kafka to broadcast the integration events
  • MongoDb to store the QueryModels used by the API

The on-premise infrastructure can be spin up by simply running docker-compose up from the root folder.

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