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Unity demos for saving and loading images, audio, xml, json and Asset Bundles using Azure Blob Storage

Project README

Azure Blob Storage demo for Unity3d

Contains a Unity 2017.2 project featuring several demo scenes for Azure Blob Storage.

  1. Capture PNG screenshot (image blob)
  2. Record .WAV audio clip (audio blob)
  3. Save and Load .unity Asset Bundles (binary blob)
  • Save/Load XML file to load Asset Bundle prefabs to scene
  • Save/Load JSON file to load Asset Bundle prefabs to scene
  1. List and delete blobs
  2. Save and Load .txt file (text blob)

Download instructions

Use the :octocat: GitHub app to clone the project to install all submodule dependencies or use git CLI:
git clone --recursive

Or if you've already done a git clone then use:
git submodule update --init --recursive

Blob storage Unity demo video

Setup Azure Storage Service for Unity3d

  1. Create Azure Storage Service
    Azure Storage account
  2. Select 'Containers' under Settings section
    Azure Storage account
  3. Select add Container button
    Add Container
  4. Select 'Blob' Access type container (as public read access is required for this demo)
    Blob Access type
  5. Select 'Keys' under Settings to copy blob storage details for Unity Editor inspector
    Storage Keys

How to upload blobs to Blob storage

  1. Download Azure Storage Explorer and sign in to access your storage accounts.
  2. Drag and drop files into container to upload blobs. Upload blobs using Azure Storage Explorer


Dependencies included

  • TSTableView is used to display recyclable list of results.

Dependencies installed as git submodules

Refer to the download instructions above to install these submodules.


The Storage Services library used in this demo is currently in beta, so not all APIs are supported yet and some things may change. Questions or tweet #Unity #Azure @deadlyfingers

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