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A smooth and intuitive way to work with sprite sheets in Unity.

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by No Slopes


A smooth and intuitive way to work with sprite sheets in Unity.



Why bother?

  • The Animations Manager window provides qualitity of life when managing your animations and frames.
  • Better perfomance than the Unity Animator since it only handles changing sprites at the SpriteRenderer and nothing else.
  • Coding made easy.
  • Perfect for state driven (FSM) characters.

Checkout how it works and give it a try!

Key features:

Sprite Animator

The Sprite Animator allows to play animations by simply changing the sprites of a SpriteRenderer.

Animations Manager

The Animations Manager is an Editor window that gives you quality of life when editing your animations.

  • Single Cycle Animations are the most basic type of animation. Just define Frame Cycles and you are good to go.
  • Windrose Animations are meant to help those working with top-dow games. Allows you to create one Frame Cycle for each of the cardinal positions and then it is easy to just change the direction based on the user's input.
  • Combo Animations are a collection of Frame Cycles that can have their execution chained. It plays one cycle, waits for user input, and then plays the next one.

Beta Version

This tool should be carefully tested before integrated in a project that has commercial intentions. Although I really trust its capacity, it is still too young to be considered stable.



Detailed instructions here

Unity tested versions


About No Slopes

We are a small group of game devs / artists building an Indie Game Studio and crafting some tools along the way.

The author

My name is Gabriel, ppl know me by Gabo. Check out my portfolio if you wanna know more about what I do.


Special thanks and credits:

  • DanniBoy for being my No Slopes associate and desining the logo and icons for the project
  • Cammin, creator of LDtk to Unity, for being such a friendly person and giving me directions on how to craft this docs page. BTW if you do not know LDtk to Unity yet, you should really give it a go if you work with 2D levels in unity. The quality of life this tool provide is insane!
  • Gabriel Bigardi for introducing me the concept of changing sprites of a SpriteRenderer directly instead of having Unity's animator to do so.
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